Thought for a Hot Summer Night

Hello, Everybody!

In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that I wrote this for a lover before we were¬†lovers. When we knew it was inevitable that we would be lovers because it felt that we’d already been lovers for 250,000 years – in the Scottish highlands; on the Serengeti plain; in a Midwestern tree house during the Civil War…

When the weather was hot and sultry and we were miles (continents) apart, he was someone whom I thought would be my lover forever- and in some weird way, even though he ultimately decimated my heart like Hiroshima and left my soul cracked and bleeding out onto the floor, I feel that somewhere across space and time, we will be.

It’s the dead of winter. In fact, there might even be snow on the ground. But the windows are open and fresh, cold air is blowing in. But we are perfectly warm from our body heat, under a few layers of covers. To stay warm we must be stay very close. We’re cozy and sleepy, but throughout the night I’ve become subtly aroused. Your hand has grazed my nipple a few times. I can occasionally feel you getting hard against my butt. It becomes more difficult for me to sleep. Eventually, I burrow further under the covers and while you’re sleeping I tenderly place your cock in my mouth and begin to suck on you. After awhile you’re awake. You pull me up gently by the hair, lay me back and slide into me. It doesn’t take long for us both to come, but it’s like a hot, sultry, colourful, sticky jungle under there. And once we explode, we’re so hot and sweaty that we throw the covers off and expose ourselves to the now delicious wintery air.

So here’s to the kind of lover who runs through the very cells of your body in all seasons- from heart wall to brain wave to corpuscle to lips and even sometimes to tears. And here’s to finding delightful relief from the heat or anything else that makes you feel like you’re swimming through molasses.

Love, Rosa




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