Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 43: 50 Shades of True Blood

Ask not for whom Ed Wood ummms – he ummms for thee. This week Rosa has apparently gone missing in action. So all of you lovely listeners (all twenty of you) get some quality alone time with Ed this week. Lucky you!

Ed was recently suckered into upgrading his service through his internet provider. As part of upgrading his service he now has HBO. So he’s started watching True Blood. During his marathon viewing session on Saturday, he discovered several similarities between the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries and the Fifty Shades of Grey series by E.L. James.

Bark baby bark! Ed has found a rather disturbing story about a gentleman’s rather, ummm, unusual method of soliciting sex from his neighbor. Got hand? Rafe Biggs, a smoking hot quadriplegic from Oakland, has discovered that his brain has re-wired itself in a most curious manner. Who would Buddha do? Apparently, he’d do a temple fundraising professional in a North Chelmsford, Massachusetts temple who is the subject of a sex tape secretly produced there. That’s so gay. No really, it is. And what is it? My Best Gay Friends – an independently produced sitcom in Vietnam. Disney rolls out the precogs! How long will it be before you are added to Disney’s no fly list? And finally – want better sex? Become a fan of titanium!

Talk to you guys next week!