Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 48: The Garden of Sensual Delight

The Wonks are free-balling it this week. There’s no plan and we’re just shootin’ the shit. First up, Rosa shares the shocking news that she and her man have yet to do the deed. That’s right, boys and girls – Rosa’s yet to have penis-in-vagina sex and fuck the new man that she’s been seeing for a couple of months. And while one might think that not fucking would be a let down, instead this isn’t true for our dear Ms. Sparks. As she approaches this relationship like George Costanza by “doing the opposite,” Rosa has discovered that the anticipation and sensual delights that are being shared are creating a deeper burn in her loins.

And speaking of sensual delights, Ed had an amazing moment with a random stranger he met on the internets over the weekend. Mr. Wood did a massage exchange with a gentleman he found through a web site devoted to the art of touch. Much to Mr. Wood’s surprise, the gentleman rocked his world when they spontaneously became the Scissoring Sisters.