Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 42: Sex Ed Gone Wrong

The Wonks are back! And while they had a good time on their break, regretfully the cock truck didn’t make a delivery. However, it looks like Rosa may have a delivery scheduled soon. But, and there’s always a big but (or BUTT in Rosa’s case!), Rosa’s potential cock  may have a little re-learning to do with regard to making his moves. And who better to school the man, than Ms. Sparks herself – aka The Cock Whisperer.

Meanwhile, the Wonks have discovered an example of what not to do when it comes to teaching kids about the birds and the bees. Ed uncovered a video of a sex talk given by Pam Stenzle that can best be described as scary. Ms. Stenzle caused a bit of controversy recently during a similar talk she gave at a high school in Charleston, West Virginia. Student body President Katelyn Campbell, having had enough of the current culture of slut-shaming, refused to go to the mandatory assembly and filed a complaint with the ACLU.

As a result of Ms. Stenzle’s epic fail with her message, the Huffington Post solicited stories from their readers regarding their experiences with sex education which the Wonks share in the latter part of this week’s episode.

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Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 18: Get UR Sexy On

Rosa’s got a burning bush and needs a hose to put out her fire. Maybe if she calls the guys at the local station down the block they’ll the bring their big hoses to quell the flames? What’s that, Ma’am? Dude looks like a lady?! Mr. Wood shares a story of being mistaken for a biker chick at his neighborhood Home Depot.

The Wonks then dive into a discussion of the second basic sexual right as outlined by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality: The right to sexual entertainment, freely available in the marketplace, including sexually explicit materials dealing with the full range of sexual behavior.

Has this right created a situation by which kids (and adults) today are using pornography as sex education? Ed and Rosa discuss a piece by Tracy Clark-Flory recently posted on her blog at entitled, Finding Your Kid’s Porn. The Wonks also recount similar personal experiences related to pornography from their youth.

Ed throws out the question—is pornography creating a culture of sexual dysmorphia? The Wonks share an article about Cindy Gallop, the creator of the web site Cindy was inspired to create the website after she discovered several common sexual behavior memes with her partners. Rosa and Ed discuss some of their experiences with a few of the memes mentioned by Cindy in the article.

And finally, the Wonks wonder—are there some things we just don’t want to see?

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Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 1: Hello World

Welcome to the initial episode of the Sex Wonks Podcast. In this episode, Ed Wood and Rosa Sparks introduce themselves to the world. They each provide a little background about themselves. They discuss the dismal state of sex education in the United States presently. And finally share their hopes for the podcast.