Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 45: Don’t Be a Dick – Take 2

The Wonks are back! Did you guys even notice that we were gone? While she was away, Rosa got herself a delivery from the cock truck. And while Rosa’s not yet fucked the man connected to the cock, she’s been getting some mighty kick-ass orgasms nonetheless.

First up in the main segment this week is a story from the UK and a whole lot of kray kray that happened on a commuter train between from Newcastle to Carlisle. Apparently a drunken group of mates decided to roll their own porn as the train rolled along – all to the horror of their fellow passengers.

And speaking of public sex, it might be best that you’re careful where you free your willie, as one gentleman discovered whilst receiving a hand job in Manchester. Much to his surprise – and the young woman who provided said wank – they were caught by a Google Street View car.

Okay, you’ve been warned: Don’t be a dick! Because Ralph Polnicky learned that lesson the hard way. Because if you are a dick, you might just be terrorized with a sex toy!


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 31: Any Cock’ll Do

This week the Wonks are podcasting naked. That’s right, the Wonks are busting out all over the place – quite literally. While 2012 was dubbed the Year of the Vagina, the Wonks have decided that 2013 is to be our Year of the Cock. Rosa has a new neighbor who has something special. A penis! She’s thrilled to have some testosterone moving up into the joint. While chatting with a new friend on Skype, our girl thinks it might perhaps be time to export her best asset to the needy.

Ed follows up with regard to a recent dating experience that took a turn into the Twilight Zone. He discovers that he actually hadn’t potentially turned off his date with his OkCupid profile, but instead, scared him off the good old-fashioned way – on the first date.

In the second half of this episode, the Wonks work their way through the remaining sex-related resolutions to ring in 2013 with a bang.


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 30: Cruel to Be Kind

We’re almost to middle age – the Wonks hit thirty this week! And how did they celebrate?  The way any Wonk would, by dipping their toes into the dating pool. However, as Ed and Rosa live scarily parallel lives on different continents, it appears that Aphrodite’s child has thrown each of them into the deep end unawares.

Rosa’s up first with her dating tale of woe – or perhaps more woah! Determined to get herself out of her current dry spell, Ms. Sparks agrees to a blind date set up by an acquaintance. While preparing the for the date, Rosa gets that all-too-typical call from Ed’s world. The blow-off (and not the good kind). Despite his best effort to break the date minutes before they are to meet, Rosa sticks to her guns and forces her hand. While the date proves to be rather lackluster, the upside is that Ms. Sparks may have found herself a new business contact.

In our second half, Ed shares a slice of a first date with a gentleman he met on OKCupid. While his date initially shows promise, about halfway through Ed suddenly finds himself wandering through a dating Twilight Zone and wondering if he’s been punk’d by Cupid’s evil twin. While joking with each other about their experiences with on-line dating, Ed’s date makes a cryptic statement which bends the reality construct beyond his ability to comprehend in the moment and hilarity ensues?