Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 47: Titty Twister?

In this episode Rosa’s got her tits in a twist—in a good way mind you. Rosa’s new man is all into her boobies and can’t resist a grab at them at every opportunity. With all these PDAs going on, it begs the question.. when are he and Rosa going to have sex on a bus or a train?

Gordon Gecko goes down, but not for the count. Michael Douglas has recently revealed that he had throat cancer that is result of oral sex. After complaining of symptoms for nine months and doctors not finding anything, he was finally diagnosed with stage four cancer, treated with chemotherapy and has been cancer free for two years. Live strong Mr. Douglas.

Who knew? Rotten eggs are an aphrodisiac. Well, not exactly. However, the Hydrogen Sulphide gas (which smells like rotten eggs) emitted by Italy’s Solfatara volcano in Naples is proving to be natural viagra for men there who suffer from erectile dysfunction. A drive-through site has been set up with ‘sex booths’ – in the shadow of the volcano – so couples who need a little boost can harness the power of the crater’s gas. However, if you make a visit to this hot spot, don’t get too carried away and lose track of time – because Hydrogen Sulphide, while it may help men get it up, can also prove to be toxic when inhaled in large quantities.

Making love out of nothing at all? Au contraire! It’s an art form, which is being documented in a future independent film about the Air Sex World Championships. And what are the Air Sex World Championships? Basically just what it sounds like –  a contest of pantomimed acts (similar to playing the air guitar), but involving totally different kinds of instruments and subject matter for that matter. The film’s production company is raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign. And if you act fast enough with your pledge, you have a chance to be a judge at one of the scheduled competitions. To make a pledge find the Kickstarter campaign here.

Are you going to attend the stoning? Apparently folks in Pueblo, Colorado did. Residents there, angry that police had not warned them about sex assaults of local children, took matters into their own hands. They chased down a man they thought was the attacker, pelted him with rocks and left him with a bloody face before the authorities intervened. The 54-year-old man accosted by the mob (who was later released due to lack of evidence) decided not to file charges against his pursuers and told the police chief, “Folks were reacting to a bad situation and I don’t want to go that route.” Why is there never a crucified martyr around when you need him?