Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 9: Love Yer Bits!

Hit us with your rhythm stick. Hit us hard, hit us quick! In celebration of One World Orgasm Day, Ed and Rosa discuss the naughty bits (and more). First up they discuss the Blaster Beam. A new age instrument that not only can assist one in getting their Zen on but apparently can make some women cum just by being played.The Wonks then discuss a documentary by Lawrence Barraclough, “My Penis and Everyone Else’s” in which Lawrence learns to love not only his own penis, but those of many another chap. And to give equal time to the vah-jay-jay, Ed and Rosa discuss the documentary “The Perfect Vagina” in which Lisa Rogers discovers many modern women who are distraught by the appearance of their vaginas. So much so, that many young women (at an alarming rate) are seeking to alter the appearance of their vaginas with plastic surgery.

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