Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 8: Makin’ Bacon

Here piggy, piggy, pig, pig! The Wonks have been told they need to ham it up a bit. So here it goes – they’re getting sloppy and discussing sex pigs and piggish sex. Rosa opens this episode with her secret recipe for making the perfect power p*ssy. Perfect for warding off the undead perhaps. Rosa and Ed then ponder what exactly is a sex pig, and what qualifies one as being such? Looking for the perfect piggy sex accoutrements? The Wonks have discovered the perfect butt plug—the piggy butt plug. And what could possibly go better with a piggy butt plug than bacon flavored lube?! The Wonks have also found the quintessential guide to being a sex pig. In closing, Ed shares his thoughts about recently viewing the AIDS quilt on the National Mall.

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