Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 39: Sign O’ The Times

Can you feel the thaw? Spring is here and the Wonks are ready to frolic – so come play with us! While Rosa’s got a glimmer of hope for…well, you know… Ed’s got to ask “real or not real?” as he shares about his latest virtual boyfriend, an 18-year-old man-child he met on Craigslist.

Where’s the love? The Wonks have discovered that the mainstream cinema sex scene is going the way of the Velociraptor. Why? Because while the current marketing trend in movies is toward horny teenaged boys, ironically the MPAA keeps Hollywood from showing them too much T ‘n’ A – the emphasis is on a different kind of explosion.

Danger Will Robinson! The Wonks have discovered that there may be no such thing as safe sex in space. Recent experiments by Montreal University on plants show that changes in gravity damages cells – and could lead to life-threatening illnesses. If Virgin Galactic is successful and starts flying tourists to suborbital space next year as they hope, let’s hope they provide complimentary condoms with each ticket sold.

Get some wood to save some wood. How, you ask? Ed has found a film created by Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak, that chronicles the Berlin-based organization Fuck for Forest—a raggedy group of hippies dressed like the Lost Boys who film and then sell homemade pornography of themselves and others in an effort to help save the rainforests. This sounds like an eco-movement we could get behind—both figuratively and literally.

The Wonks believe that penises are a part of the new pharma! Why? Because the FDA has recently approved an over-the-counter topical spray to treat premature ejaculation. Can you say tardy to the party? Such creams and sprays have long been available from manufacturers of creams and lubes. So, what’s the point?


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