Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 38: What Not to Do

Dude! Rosa needs to slow her roll. ‘Cause dude! She’s met a dude (on-line anyway) and she’s afraid that she may be moving a little too fast. Duuude! She needs to check herself.

And in a new segment that the Wonks hope to make a regular feature—Drunken Sexting Theatre—Ed and Rosa reenact their own version of texts from last night. Can they keep it together long enough to get through their reading without cracking each other up? But is this sexting real or just a playful fantasy being shared between friends?

In a classic example of what not to do, Ed found a recent article in the on-line version The Daily Mirror about a photographer who was killed as part of a blind date that included “sex games”. The article states, “Detectives called to the address found various items in the living room which suggested sexual activity had taken place.” in what was called a “life style” incident. We wanna know what those items were!

It looks like the TSA is getting kinky as well. According to an article in the on-line New York Post the TSA guys are hard on sex toys—and not in a good way. Several TSA agents have left creepy notes after searching bags and finding sex toys. However, the TSA acknowledges that there’s nothing illegal about traveling with the devices (well, thank goodness for that!).

And in another story from across the pond, Ed and Rosa have found a story of what not to do when you’re cougar on the hunt. In a story published in the on-line version of The Sun, Adam Cope, 20, claimed he was seduced by Helen Hart, 44, and the expensive gifts she lavished upon him. Ms. Hart told him she was an heiress to a £48 million fortune. Long story short, Helen was not only a cougar, but she was fraud! She was cooking the books of her former employer to keep her boy toy in bling. Helen was caught, arrested and given five years for her crime. Traumatized by the incident, Adam turned over all gifts to the police and flew to Australia, where he has been working in a copper mine. He’s stated: “Now I want to forget that I ever met Helen.”


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