Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 37: It’s Shocking

At the top of the episode Rosa fears that she may be shark bait due to being our favorite bloody Valentine. Getting to know him? Ed and Rosa discuss his fears around a developing long distance relationship with a new virtual boyfriend (NVB). While the pressure is on for the upcoming initial visit of Ed’s NVB, the upside of the OKC mind fuck is that Ed’s long distance suitor is open to kinky sex.

In a recent email, the NVB sent Ed a link to a video on Mr. S demonstrating the use of an erotic electrostimulation device. And exactly what is e-stim you might ask? The Wonks explain a slightly different use of electricity than Nikola Tesla might’ve had in mind. Despite the risks and cost of the accouterments, Ed has a keen interest in exploring it.

Shocking in another respect is a story from LA where the city is “going green” in a different way. In the Harbor Gateway and Wilmington communities of LA, the city counsel is hoping to exploit a California law to force sex offenders out these neighborhoods. Ever more shocking is a case in Vermont regarding sexual slavery. This story gives new meaning to being a first responder.


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