Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 35: F*ck Valentine!

While Rosa and Ed somehow missed it, this week they catch up and say, “F*ck Valentine”! Not that they’re bitter or anything. Looks like there’s boy trouble in the ‘hood. Rosa shares a story of a good Valentine’s Day gone bad that recently happened to a close friend. This year, Ed decided to be the objective observer of V-Day rather than be a participant in the holiday. As such, he tells a couple of Valentine’s Day tales of two of his co-workers. What says I love you most? Apparently – according to one of Ed’s neighbors – it’s three foot tall Hello Kitty heart balloons.

What is the secret to maintaining desire in a long term relationship – and can we WANT what we already have? According to Esther Perel it’s a conscious choice to create and foster an erotic space. Ms. Perel has also has discovered the time when we feel the most desire for significant others may be different than we think. The loins don’t only grow fonder when they’re away. But rather, when they’re close but doing their own thing that they love. So love strengthens love and desire.


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