Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 33: The Big Ten

The Wonks are stoked that it’s their 33rd episode ’cause double threes is a lucky number. This week, Rosa is having her lady’s time and shares with us that she has a rather unusual symptom when Aunt Flo’ comes to visit. Or is it so unusual?

Got boobs? Ed relays a recent close encounter of the boob-a-licious kind in Chinatown while he waited for a OKCupid date. Who knew that Hooters serves General Tso’s Chicken?

Why should we be having sex? The Wonks discuss the ten reasons why sex is so awesome (outside the obvious). From critical thinking to pain relief, it’s better than Vitamin C. Not to mention, Juan Ponce de León had it all wrong when he went traipsing the globe for the Fountain of Youth. Turns out we’ve all got access to it – just reach out and touch someone in their… ahem… fountain.

So c’mon, People. Fuck more, feel better and live longer!


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