Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 32: Milky Milky!

We’re back! The Wonks have returned and they’re loud and proud. This week, Ed and Rosa are all about the boobies and the goodness they contain—literally. At the top of this episode Ed relays his recent experience with a killer case of vertigo. Rosa wonders aloud that if he’d have had access to it, that perhaps mother’s milk might have cured all that ailed Mr. Wood? His speculation: can there be any doubt?

As the Wonks roll out this week’s subject, Mr. Wood confesses that despite being gay, he too loves the tetitas. Like nipple play? While Ed’s not a big fan, Rosa feels her nipples are directly connected to her nether regions. Is bigger always better? That may not be true with regard to the boobies according to what Rosa has read. Turns out that “itty bitty titties” may have more of what it takes for arousal.

What is erotic lactation? Is it a form of paraphilia or is it merely a type of foreplay or an extension of the sexual intimacy? Ed and Rosa discuss the possible origins of lactophilia as well as the various ways in which couples might explore this particular kink and why.

As the Wonks wrap up their discussion, Rosa shares a list of various types of erotic lactation. Ed share’s his surprise at the discovery that nursing may have an unintended… consequence. And Rosa confesses that she’s learned to love her smaller sweater meat.


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