Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 31: Any Cock’ll Do

This week the Wonks are podcasting naked. That’s right, the Wonks are busting out all over the place – quite literally. While 2012 was dubbed the Year of the Vagina, the Wonks have decided that 2013 is to be our Year of the Cock. Rosa has a new neighbor who has something special. A penis! She’s thrilled to have some testosterone moving up into the joint. While chatting with a new friend on Skype, our girl thinks it might perhaps be time to export her best asset to the needy.

Ed follows up with regard to a recent dating experience that took a turn into the Twilight Zone. He discovers that he actually hadn’t potentially turned off his date with his OkCupid profile, but instead, scared him off the good old-fashioned way – on the first date.

In the second half of this episode, the Wonks work their way through the remaining sex-related resolutions to ring in 2013 with a bang.


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