Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 29: How Dry I Am?

Screw drunk dialing the ex on New Year’s Eve: this week the Wonks are drunk podcasting! Bang, bang, it’s a whole new year coming at us – and in this episode Ed and Rosa count it down ’til the clock strikes midnight and 2012 is but a fleeting memory.

As our hosts open, Rosa shares a recent and rather unusual dream involving a chase by bad guys, a bit of Tolstoy, a little sumthin’, sumthin’ stowed away in her purse and affirmations from Mr. Wood. And in the land of Spamalot, it appears the Wonks have received an authentic comment in response to one of their blog posts. They give a big shout out (and a huge round of thanks) to Ashley R. for connecting.

Have you ever been through a dry spell? Rosa shares that she’s coming (and not in a good way) up on a year with her current scarcity of sausage. What does a sexually turned on person do to get through these hard times and keep the pump primed? Ms. Sparks offers a few tips on keeping the flames of sexual desire burning while waiting for the next lover to arrive.

Are you making any resolutions for 2013? Perhaps you might want to include some of the 12 sex and relationship-related resolutions in a recent blog post Ed discovered on HuffingtonPost written by Maryjane Fahey, co-author of the book Dumped: A Grown-Up Guide to Gettin’ Off Your Ass and Over Your Ex in Record Time. Ed and Rosa discuss the first half of Maryjane’s list of resolutions for 2013.

And finally, the Wonks wish everyone a happy (and sexy) New Year!


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