Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 28: The Hunger Game

We’ve survived the Apocalypse! At the top of this episode Ed and Rosa lament the fact that apocalypse was a tad bit, well, anticlimactic. Did you get a special email from one of the popular on-line dating sites to celebrate the end of days? The Wonks did and they share their reactions to receiving an Armageddon-themed email push.

Ed discovers sexual trysts are going green. This week he recycles a hookup. When searching for a little strange on his favorite haunt, Craigslist—Ed has a ghost of bedroom romps past show up at his door.

As a result of hooking up twice in several days, a fire has been ignited in Mr. Wood’s belly (and loins). This fire leads him to wonder perhaps if there is a grain of truth to the old saying, “the more you get, the more you want.” As the Wonks ponder this thought, Rosa explains that she too feels a similar and familiar hunger as Mr. Wood.

What causes this hunger and how can we satiate it? The Wonks discuss an article by Pamela Madsen, Sex: The More You Have – The More You Want? The article explores this area of sexual desire. Perhaps we find ourselves in a state of sexual hibernation of which we may not be aware? How do we come of come out of hibernation? We begin to feel the hunger and allow ourselves to once again feast on the pleasures of sexual exploration.

Is this hunger “normal”? The Wonks pound this question out in a discussion of the new classification of sexual disorders outlined in the latest iteration of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) from the American Psychiatric Association (APA)—hypersexual disorder. Perhaps this hunger is merely part of dealing with the stresses of life including the holidays.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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