Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 27: Welcum 2 the Apocalypse

Grand Master Smelly Mel has nothing on the Wonks with his magnum opus, Apocalypto. At the top of this episode, Ed and Rosa discuss recent events (both of a personal nature and from the national news) that point to the fact that the dawn of the apocalypse may indeed be upon us. Feeling a little lonely with the holidays approaching? You’ve got company. Rosa and Ed share that they are feeling somewhat alone this year.

Like catfish? Mr. Wood does as well and he shares the recent discovery of the MTV show Catfish with Rosa. The Wonks discuss their own catfish-like experiences with online dating.

Did you know there are several myths about women’s sexual health that even your doctor believes? Rosa discovered three common ones in a teleseminar with Drs. Sara Gottfried and Andrew T. Goldstein and wraps up this episode by sharing them so that all y’all can be educated, too, and beware the chemicals that may be shrinking your clitoris!


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