Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 26: Slickory

Despite being a wee bit under the weather and at the risk of hacking up a lung, Rosa powers through a killer cold to record this week. First up, Ed and Rosa discuss a new genre of porn (as well as massage technique from Japan) that Ed discovered recently while surfing the interwebs—Nuru.

As Ed wandered further into wilds of the interwebs, he discovered a new depth to his obsession with sex toys. Ed has decided he wants to begin actually making them. Can you give a guy a hand? Or maybe, instead, watch him take care of it himself in another new genre of erotic film that Ed has – ahem – come across.

The Wonks serve up the last of the basic sexual rights as drafted by The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality: right number ten, which is the right to control conception. While the message from the perpetrators of the culture wars may be to the contrary, a recent survey shows that 63% of American adults say businesses should be required to provide their employees with free contraception and birth control as part of their health plans. What is the cost of limiting the access to conception prevention? The Wonks discuss the human costs associated with preventing sexually active women from obtaining contraception. The Wonks close with their continued plea for feedback. Call us!

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