Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 25: Big Ten Inch

Rosa kicks off this episode with a story of a close encounter on the beach with a massage-happy specter. Was he real or was he a figment of Rosa’s imagination? You decide. On a recent trip to the market, Rosa discovered a rather over-sized tuber vegetable she just couldn’t resist bringing home. It’s ummm, ummm good.

After a brief discussion of various kinks, including those related to food, the Wonks continue their tour through the basic sexual rights as drafted by The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The right discussed this week is right number 9: The basic right of all persons who are sexually dysfunctional to have available nonjudgmental sexual health care.

What exactly constitutes dysfunctional? As the Wonks break it down, they conclude that most sexual dysfunction is psychological rather physiological. Ed and Rosa ponder perhaps that the most important facet of right number nine is being nonjudgmental with sex and sexuality. As the Wonks wrap up their discussion of sexual dysfunction, Ed and Rosa share stories of their own sexual struggles and consider options for sexual health care.


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