Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 24: A Little Bitta Kray Kray

Are you feeling a little kray kray with the holidays? Well the Wonks are a little bonkers this week themselves. Not from overindulging on turkey or fighting the Black Friday crowds at Wal-Mart for deeply-discounted smartphones, but instead from this season’s American Horror Story. At the top of this episode, Ed and Rosa start things off with a not so brief discussion of sexual situations in the current season.

Single and lonely? Locked up? Poor or socially awkward? There’s hope! According to basic sexual right number eight drafted the International Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, you have the right to a satisfying consensual socio-sexual life. Ed and Rosa examine this right and the various challenges those who may be viewed as socially marginalized may face with regard to sex and relationships.

And Rosa closes the episode with a worrisome confession.


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