Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 20: We Are 20!

This week we’re 20! That’s right Wonkers, we’ve made it to Episode 20. Rosa kicks us off by sharing a rather revealing moment she recently experienced while taking a walk by the sea. As part of this experience, Rosa discovers a surprising fact about turn-ons. The Wonks continue their march through the basic sexual rights as outlined by the Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality. This week it’s the right to sexual self-determination. So, what is sexual self-determination? The Wonks discuss sex work and how it relates to the right of sexual self-determination on the part of the service provider and his or her client. Rosa shares a story of a friend’s recent discovery of her interest in exploring cuckqueaning with her husband. What do partners do when it is discovered that one partner may have needs that the other may not be able to meet? Ed and Rosa ponder the possible solution of exploring sex outside of the relationship. The Wonks finishing up this episode with a discussion about the recent prostitution case in Kennebunk and how it illustrates the risks for the both the client and service provider with respect to sex work.

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