Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 19: Rosa’s Got a New Toy

This week Rosa finds herself with a sweet package delivered all up in her podcasting studio. No, not that kind of package—but a big old box of goodies from her podcasting BFF, Ed C. Wood. In addition to a brand new microphone, Rosa found a very special sumthin’, sumthin’ buried deep in her delivered box. Hidden there was a shiny new sex toy, one Pure Wand made by njoy toys. Ms. Sparks shares her initial experience with her curious new novelty. The Wonks then jump back into their discussion of the basic sexual rights outlined by the Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality. In this episode, they discuss right number three: the right not to be exposed to sexual material or behavior. Rosa shares a bizarre discovery with a popular social networking web site and sexual material. She and Ed discuss an article in The Harvard Crimson regarding “Sex Signals” –  a sex and sensitivity training program facilitated on the campus of the university for incoming freshman students. And finally, the Wonks rap things up by sharing a few of their own experiences with the unwelcome sexual behavior of others.

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