Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 16: More Mr. Green

As promised, we’re getting ever greener (and wetter) here on the podcast with the second half of our interview with Mr. Green. The Wonks open this episode with Rosa getting in touch with her inner dom as she sets Ed straight (so to speak) and they discuss the origin of the terms top and bottom and how they have now seeped into popular culture. In the opening of the second part of the Wonks’ interview with Mr. Green, Rosa inquires about switching. Mr. G reveals his Zen side when the Wonks ask about contracts. Rosa probes further to find out if Mr. Green has more than one sub at any given moment. Mr. Green shares that one of his favorite play spaces is Paddles NYC in Chelsea. The Wonks and Mr. Green then discuss rope and rigging and the fact that both Ed and Mr. Green wish to learn it. Mr. Green offers advice to those interested in exploring BDSM. And of course, what interview about BDSM would be complete without a discussion of 50 Shades of  Grey? In closing, Mr. Green shares about his favorite kind of play and Rosa has a surprising revelation that she’d really like to be spanked – harder than usual.

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