Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 15: 50 Shades of Mr. Green

We at the podcast are all about being green. So this week, the Wonks are 50 shades of green—Mr. Green that is. As promised, Ed and Rosa are serving up their interview with Mr. Green (the dom to Ms. Brown Eyes’ sub).

In this first half of the interview, Mr. Green begins by explaining how he was initially introduced to BDSM with a partner who asked him to tie her up. He then elaborates on how he learned more about BDSM alone, mostly through books and magazines and occasionally through the on-line communities of the burgeoning internet. Our dom then tells the Wonks about the gear he typically uses – his favorites being rope, restraints and paddles. Ed inquires about how to use gear such as paddles without leaving bruises or marks.

Mr. Green confesses to Rosa that most of his subs somehow find him – he doesn’t really need to seek them out. Ed asks if the dom has ever experienced any negative reactions from a partner when she discovered his interest. Mr. Green explains to Rosa that his subs are about an even mix between those who are experienced and those who are less so. The Wonks then wrap up the first half of their interview with Mr. Green with a discussion of the concept of sub space and what that means.

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