Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 14: Sex Is Just a Fantasy

Life is just a fantasy – do you live an erotic fantasy life? This week the Wonks explore the world of sexual fantasy. First up, Ed and Rosa ponder which makes for better fantasies—celebrities or people from our real lives? Ed confesses that during his younger years he would most often think about celebrities such as George Michael, but that today, most of his masturbatory fantasies are about people he’s encountered in real life. Rosa shares that it appears both she and Ed have lived parallel fantasy lives because she herself used to have fantasies about Cy Curnin. However, she too finds that her current fantasies – more often than not- are about former lovers. Rosa throws out the question, “Which celebrity would you fuck today?” Ed’s answer: George Clooney or Brad Pitt. The Wonks play a quick game of “Who Would You Do?”. Ed and Rosa take a trip down memory lane with fantasies they’ve explored. Ed shares a story of spanking that went horribly awry. Rosa next relays a story of going Rambo on a former lover’s ass with curious results. Ed shares fantasies relayed to him by a new fuck buddy and his feelings of being intrigued by them. The Wonks wrap it up with a plea to you, the listener. Please share your fantasies with us!

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