Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 13: O Solo Me Oh

It’s lucky 13 for the Sex Wonks this week. And while it may be lucky Episode 13, there are times when—well we don’t always get lucky. When this happens, what’s a horny Wonk to do? Rub one out of course! So this week the Wonks discuss all about taking care of it yourself. First up, Ed shares a story about his recent encounter with a new toy and fear of  getting it stuck. Next, Rosa shares a dream from years ago in which she curiously had an outtie rather than her usual innie. Rosa and Ed then discuss their early experiences with solo pleasure. Ed shares his initiation to solo sex with a couple of childhood friends and his discovery of the pleasure of spanking the monkey while spending the summer on a family farm. Ms. Sparks then shares that she was a wee bit tardy to the party with regard to self-pleasure. Ironically, Rosa’s initial introduction to sexual pleasure was with partners. It was only years later that she explored the waters of self-satisfaction. The Wonks then ponder the oft-asked question, “Is solo sex cheating when you’re in a relationship?” And finally, do you jerk at work? The Wonks do and they want to hear your stories.

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