Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 12: Talk Dirty to Me

This week the wonks get down and dirty. They pose the questions, “Do you like the dirty talk? If so, how dirty do you like it?” But before the dirt, Ed shares an unfortunate close encounter between a newly purchased sex toy and his bed frame. Next up, Rosa explains that while she doesn’t enjoy the contrived carnal utterings found in pornography, she does like to occasionally express her enthusiasm when a lover hits just the right spot. Ed then shares a few experiences of his own with randy word play – one about a former boyfriend who not only liked to talk dirty, but loud as well; and the other of a curious random dirty talk experience with a recent hook up. After the filthy talk, Rosa and Ed take a trip south of the border to explore the world of “nether dos.” The Wonks ponder which style is best: the natural, the Brazilian or bald as an eagle? And finally, the Wonks have discovered the latest temptation to the male youth of the nation… Va-Jazzling!

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