Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 11: A Little Deeper Darling

This week the Wonks go a little deeper. Deeper into the subject of BDSM. But before they delve into the world of pleasure and pain, Rosa opens the show with a confession and shares some disturbing news she’s uncovered about the clap. A frightening new super-strain of the bug has been discovered and is beginning to spread worldwide. Rosa and Ed then do a post wrap-up of their interview with Brown Eyes. The Wonks discuss the difference between hard and soft limits as well as R.A.C.K. Ed and Rosa then speculate on the various types of the punishment gear described by Brown Eyes during her interview. Ed shares a few websites to purchase such gear and shares a recent sex toy order. The Wonks discuss breath play and offer a word of warning. Rosa shares the memory of a B&D scene with a former lover that went somewhat awry. The Wonks then wrap it up by discussing prior care and aftercare and its importance.

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