Hot Sex?!

Given the dog days of summer are upon us here in many parts of the world, most of us are feeling “too darned hot” as Cole Porter once so famously waxed poetic in a musical number of his Broadway hit Kiss Me, Kate. In that particular tune, Mr. Porter speculated, as is apparently confirmed in the Kinsey Report, “Ev’ry average man you know/Much prefers his lovey dovey to court/When the temperature is low.” Say it’s not true!

However, if you’re finding the hotter temperatures are causing things to cool between you and your lover, here are a few tips for some hot sex as the temperatures rise.

Get Wet!
Nothing cools like gulping down a big old refreshing glass of water except perhaps wearing it. And what could be sexier than showing a bit of your private parts to your lover through a wee bit of wet fabric? So pull out that over-sized white T-shirt (for ladies) and a pair of white cotton pajama bottoms or skimpy white boxer briefs (for you gents) and have fun soaking each other through to the skin. Find that super soaker from last summer hiding in the closet. Ready, aim and fire until there’s not a dry spot left on either of you. Taunt and tease each other through the translucent fabric until you can stand it no more. Then rip off those wet clothes and go at it like the critics with Kevin Costner and his epic fail—Waterworld.

Ice Ice Baby
Frozen H2O isn’t just for washed up rap artists from the ’80s – it can be great for cooling off while heating up your lover at the same time. Snatch an ice tray from the freezer, grab your lover, shed those clothes and let your bodies become an arctic exploration. Gently tease her nipples with ice rubbed along their edges, trace the curve of her hips with a cube or two, crush a bit in your mouth and pass it between yours and hers during a kiss. Create your own treasure trail of icebergs from his navel to his pubic mound, let it melt, then slowly lick it off. You may or may not be surprised by what pops up in his southern polar region just aching to be explored.

Fan the Flames
Breath against the skin can be a very subtle but sensuous and erotic sensation. Especially when there is moisture on it. As your lover lies on her back, run your tongue over and around one of her nipples. After you’ve gotten it nice and wet, linger there a moment and blow ever so slightly and watch her squirm. Don’t forget the other one—gotta share the love equally. Does your man have Schweddy Balls?  Give ’em a tongue bath! Work those boys over good, but before they have a chance to dry stop a moment and give a little extra care. Blow on each of them ever so slightly. They’ll no doubt dance in appreciation. Just be careful to not overdo it. You don’t need a visit from the guys at the local down the street hauling their hoses into your apartment because the two of you spontaneously combusted!

Road Trip!
Too f*cking hot to f*ck at home? Take it on the road! Get in the car, crank up the A/C and get the hell out of Dodge for awhile. Once you get the hooptie on the highway, crank ‘er out and take turns cranking each other up. Slowly tease his cock by stroking it underneath his clothing until it’s straining against the fabric and throbbing for release. Slide your hand up her skirt (or shorts) and get her moist ‘n ready by softly massaging and gently squeezing her clitoris through her panties. When you’re both as hot as a cat traipsing across a dark vinyl roof on a hatchback in mid-July, pull off the highway. Find a parking deck with a nice dark deserted area, and hang out the “If this car’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!” sign. Just be careful of velour burn on the knees and elbows.

Hot sex when it’s hot. That doesn’t seem so out of reach now, does it? Perhaps you and your lover have a few of ideas of your own for hot sex when the mercury is on the rise. If so, please let us know!

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