The dynamic duo that is known as the Sex Wonks is one Ed C. Wood and one Rosa Sparks. Together their whole (or is that hole?) is greater than the sum of its parts. Take one part big-mouthed horny homo and one part concupiscent Napoleon in heels; shake liberally and what results? An explosive mix known as the Sex Wonks. While they may be separated by the vastness of oceans and juggling schedules across several time zones, Ms. Sparks and Mr. Wood share one singular passion and mission. Good sex!

Rosa Sparks
Rosa Sparks (International Woman of Mystery) is a successful former corporate drone with a master’s degree in one country; an underemployed, wandering immigrant in another. Her tastes run sweet and spicy. A lover of opera, Mambo Cubano and rap – and a really big dork – Rosa holds onto the hope that someday her Dork Prince will arrive bearing lots of mangoes, orgasms and Earl Grey tea. Ms. Sparks’ secret wish is that said prince, when he arrives, will take her out and fuck her silly under the stars whilst watching the Perseid meteor showers.

Rosa believes that sex is and should be an intricately woven piece of the fabric of our lives—not some compartmentalized event that is separate from everything else. Sex keeps us vibrant, healthy and powerful. It’s not relegated for people in their teens and 20s- it’s a lifelong affair. She’s spent many years talking about it with folks who felt too shy discussing it with others—even their partners. She’s here to provide heartfelt, genuine and open conversation in the hopes that some of it will resonate with you and you’ll want to join in our conversation about…what else? SEX!

Rosa says, “If you dare to risk diving deep with me, I promise that I will walk with you for many miles to higher ground and sit with you for as long as it takes for your robes to dry in the warm sun, and I will bring you tea and kiss your hands and you can rest your head in the soft valley of my bosom.”

Ed C. Wood
Ed Wood (Assman Raconteur) is part amateur sexual anthropologist, part urban witchdoctor and all tech geek/sex freek. But mostly, Mr. Wood considers himself to be an evangelisto of the new age for erotic positivity and freedom of sexual expression. He holds a similar belief of Ms. Sparks in that sex and sexuality should be an intrinsic part of our daily lives—celebrated and neither feared nor compartmentalized. Ed firmly believes the present cultural landscape that is riddled with homophobic bullying, slut shaming, and monogamist hysteria is the cause of great unhappiness and undo suffering for many individuals as well as the masses. His hope is to be a panacea for this plight—one body (or is that booty?) at a time.

In addition to being educated in the school of hard knocks, Mr. Wood is a licensed massage therapist and finds great joy in sharing the healing power of touch with both friends and clients. He plans to expand his current practice further to include energy healing, somatic bodywork and sound/vibration therapy. Ed views the body as a temple that holds a connection with the sacred/divine and as such is an adherent of the old school of Tibetan Buddhism.

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