Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 46: Bad Sex!

Once again Ed is on his own. Rosa’s gone MIA for yet another episode.

At the top this episode Ed confesses that he’s become a fan of HBO’s Girls. Also, he shares his thoughts about the HBO movie Behind the Candelabra.

Got sex? Is it good? Ed has found some stories via The Huffington Post and The Smoking Gun of folks who are having some, ummm, rather bad sex.


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 45: Don’t Be a Dick – Take 2

The Wonks are back! Did you guys even notice that we were gone? While she was away, Rosa got herself a delivery from the cock truck. And while Rosa’s not yet fucked the man connected to the cock, she’s been getting some mighty kick-ass orgasms nonetheless.

First up in the main segment this week is a story from the UK and a whole lot of kray kray that happened on a commuter train between from Newcastle to Carlisle. Apparently a drunken group of mates decided to roll their own porn as the train rolled along – all to the horror of their fellow passengers.

And speaking of public sex, it might be best that you’re careful where you free your willie, as one gentleman discovered whilst receiving a hand job in Manchester. Much to his surprise – and the young woman who provided said wank – they were caught by a Google Street View car.

Okay, you’ve been warned: Don’t be a dick! Because Ralph Polnicky learned that lesson the hard way. Because if you are a dick, you might just be terrorized with a sex toy!


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 44: Alone Again!

Ed is happy to report that our dear Ms. Sparks is alive and well. It appears she’s lured her latest boy toy to her love lair and as a result has barely left the bed for several days. And while the desire and  passion of her lover’s kisses burned, shortly thereafter she found her ass on fire with work deadlines and is once again unable to record the podcast. So this week for a second time–you our 20 regular listeners will have some quality time alone with Ed.

It’s ironic that Ed is going solo again this week as he’s discovered that May is National Masturbation Month (NMM). That’s right Wonkers (or is that Wankers?), there’s a whole month devoted to choking the chicken and slapping the crack. Who knew?

As a way to celebrate, NMM Ed has put together a couple of masturbatory top ten lists. The first is a top ten list of songs about self-pleasure. And the second list is a top ten list of cinematic moments relating to banging the bishop. What’s your favorite?

Hope each of you are the master of your domain!