Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 40: Deep Throat Dahling

Do you deep throat? The Wonks do and this week they celebrate all that’s about going Linda Lovelace on it. First up, the Wonks pay their respect to one of the two porn stars who made ‘deep throat’ a household word—Mr. Harry Reems. While he was neither Johnny the Wadd nor a sonic hedgehog, Mr. Reems, in his own way, left an indelible mark in the annals of porn history.

Believe it or not, sex can kill. From New York, a disturbing story of bacterial meningitis that appears to be spreading through sexual encounters between men. The outbreak has sickened 22 and killed seven. According to Dr. Thomas Farley, the best defense is to get vaccinated. And it’s not only meningitis that can prove to be sexually fatal; Rosa discovers an article on claiming that oral sex is a deadly sin—literally. Tell us it’s not true!

According to Tennessee state senator, Stacey Campfield, “Perversity does not make diversity just because it’s at the university,” and as a result the fundies in the Tennessee state legislature have pressured the administrators of UT to cut funding for the planned Sex Week scheduled for the first week in April. Sex Week has become a tradition at many universities, including the Ivy League’s Yale, Harvard and Brown. But better get your Sex Week while you can kids, as it appears they may be on their way out. Yale this year held a shortened version of theirs – a Sex Weekend – perhaps due to bad publicity.

A vocal coach in Canada has discovered a new kind of deep throat. He’s using sex toys to assist his student in increasing their vocal power. University of Alberta drama professor David Ley uses hand-held vibrators to massage the throats of students. “What I’m trying to do is to help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy,” he told the Toronto Star. This gives new meaning to ‘rubbing one out’ – does it not?

Live by the tweet, die by the tweet? Adria Richards had no idea the firestorm she would create when she tweeted about the inappropriate behavior of fellow attendees of a tech conference. Ms. Richards received threats of violence and was fired after posting an image of male programmers she accused of making inappropriate innuendos at the conference they were attending. Her experience begs the question: When is too much far too much? And how far does one want to take it to make a point?


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 39: Sign O’ The Times

Can you feel the thaw? Spring is here and the Wonks are ready to frolic – so come play with us! While Rosa’s got a glimmer of hope for…well, you know… Ed’s got to ask “real or not real?” as he shares about his latest virtual boyfriend, an 18-year-old man-child he met on Craigslist.

Where’s the love? The Wonks have discovered that the mainstream cinema sex scene is going the way of the Velociraptor. Why? Because while the current marketing trend in movies is toward horny teenaged boys, ironically the MPAA keeps Hollywood from showing them too much T ‘n’ A – the emphasis is on a different kind of explosion.

Danger Will Robinson! The Wonks have discovered that there may be no such thing as safe sex in space. Recent experiments by Montreal University on plants show that changes in gravity damages cells – and could lead to life-threatening illnesses. If Virgin Galactic is successful and starts flying tourists to suborbital space next year as they hope, let’s hope they provide complimentary condoms with each ticket sold.

Get some wood to save some wood. How, you ask? Ed has found a film created by Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak, that chronicles the Berlin-based organization Fuck for Forest—a raggedy group of hippies dressed like the Lost Boys who film and then sell homemade pornography of themselves and others in an effort to help save the rainforests. This sounds like an eco-movement we could get behind—both figuratively and literally.

The Wonks believe that penises are a part of the new pharma! Why? Because the FDA has recently approved an over-the-counter topical spray to treat premature ejaculation. Can you say tardy to the party? Such creams and sprays have long been available from manufacturers of creams and lubes. So, what’s the point?


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 38: What Not to Do

Dude! Rosa needs to slow her roll. ‘Cause dude! She’s met a dude (on-line anyway) and she’s afraid that she may be moving a little too fast. Duuude! She needs to check herself.

And in a new segment that the Wonks hope to make a regular feature—Drunken Sexting Theatre—Ed and Rosa reenact their own version of texts from last night. Can they keep it together long enough to get through their reading without cracking each other up? But is this sexting real or just a playful fantasy being shared between friends?

In a classic example of what not to do, Ed found a recent article in the on-line version The Daily Mirror about a photographer who was killed as part of a blind date that included “sex games”. The article states, “Detectives called to the address found various items in the living room which suggested sexual activity had taken place.” in what was called a “life style” incident. We wanna know what those items were!

It looks like the TSA is getting kinky as well. According to an article in the on-line New York Post the TSA guys are hard on sex toys—and not in a good way. Several TSA agents have left creepy notes after searching bags and finding sex toys. However, the TSA acknowledges that there’s nothing illegal about traveling with the devices (well, thank goodness for that!).

And in another story from across the pond, Ed and Rosa have found a story of what not to do when you’re cougar on the hunt. In a story published in the on-line version of The Sun, Adam Cope, 20, claimed he was seduced by Helen Hart, 44, and the expensive gifts she lavished upon him. Ms. Hart told him she was an heiress to a £48 million fortune. Long story short, Helen was not only a cougar, but she was fraud! She was cooking the books of her former employer to keep her boy toy in bling. Helen was caught, arrested and given five years for her crime. Traumatized by the incident, Adam turned over all gifts to the police and flew to Australia, where he has been working in a copper mine. He’s stated: “Now I want to forget that I ever met Helen.”


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 37: It’s Shocking

At the top of the episode Rosa fears that she may be shark bait due to being our favorite bloody Valentine. Getting to know him? Ed and Rosa discuss his fears around a developing long distance relationship with a new virtual boyfriend (NVB). While the pressure is on for the upcoming initial visit of Ed’s NVB, the upside of the OKC mind fuck is that Ed’s long distance suitor is open to kinky sex.

In a recent email, the NVB sent Ed a link to a video on Mr. S demonstrating the use of an erotic electrostimulation device. And exactly what is e-stim you might ask? The Wonks explain a slightly different use of electricity than Nikola Tesla might’ve had in mind. Despite the risks and cost of the accouterments, Ed has a keen interest in exploring it.

Shocking in another respect is a story from LA where the city is “going green” in a different way. In the Harbor Gateway and Wilmington communities of LA, the city counsel is hoping to exploit a California law to force sex offenders out these neighborhoods. Ever more shocking is a case in Vermont regarding sexual slavery. This story gives new meaning to being a first responder.