Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 32: Milky Milky!

We’re back! The Wonks have returned and they’re loud and proud. This week, Ed and Rosa are all about the boobies and the goodness they contain—literally. At the top of this episode Ed relays his recent experience with a killer case of vertigo. Rosa wonders aloud that if he’d have had access to it, that perhaps mother’s milk might have cured all that ailed Mr. Wood? His speculation: can there be any doubt?

As the Wonks roll out this week’s subject, Mr. Wood confesses that despite being gay, he too loves the tetitas. Like nipple play? While Ed’s not a big fan, Rosa feels her nipples are directly connected to her nether regions. Is bigger always better? That may not be true with regard to the boobies according to what Rosa has read. Turns out that “itty bitty titties” may have more of what it takes for arousal.

What is erotic lactation? Is it a form of paraphilia or is it merely a type of foreplay or an extension of the sexual intimacy? Ed and Rosa discuss the possible origins of lactophilia as well as the various ways in which couples might explore this particular kink and why.

As the Wonks wrap up their discussion, Rosa shares a list of various types of erotic lactation. Ed share’s his surprise at the discovery that nursing may have an unintended… consequence. And Rosa confesses that she’s learned to love her smaller sweater meat.


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 31: Any Cock’ll Do

This week the Wonks are podcasting naked. That’s right, the Wonks are busting out all over the place – quite literally. While 2012 was dubbed the Year of the Vagina, the Wonks have decided that 2013 is to be our Year of the Cock. Rosa has a new neighbor who has something special. A penis! She’s thrilled to have some testosterone moving up into the joint. While chatting with a new friend on Skype, our girl thinks it might perhaps be time to export her best asset to the needy.

Ed follows up with regard to a recent dating experience that took a turn into the Twilight Zone. He discovers that he actually hadn’t potentially turned off his date with his OkCupid profile, but instead, scared him off the good old-fashioned way – on the first date.

In the second half of this episode, the Wonks work their way through the remaining sex-related resolutions to ring in 2013 with a bang.


Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 30: Cruel to Be Kind

We’re almost to middle age – the Wonks hit thirty this week! And how did they celebrate?  The way any Wonk would, by dipping their toes into the dating pool. However, as Ed and Rosa live scarily parallel lives on different continents, it appears that Aphrodite’s child has thrown each of them into the deep end unawares.

Rosa’s up first with her dating tale of woe – or perhaps more woah! Determined to get herself out of her current dry spell, Ms. Sparks agrees to a blind date set up by an acquaintance. While preparing the for the date, Rosa gets that all-too-typical call from Ed’s world. The blow-off (and not the good kind). Despite his best effort to break the date minutes before they are to meet, Rosa sticks to her guns and forces her hand. While the date proves to be rather lackluster, the upside is that Ms. Sparks may have found herself a new business contact.

In our second half, Ed shares a slice of a first date with a gentleman he met on OKCupid. While his date initially shows promise, about halfway through Ed suddenly finds himself wandering through a dating Twilight Zone and wondering if he’s been punk’d by Cupid’s evil twin. While joking with each other about their experiences with on-line dating, Ed’s date makes a cryptic statement which bends the reality construct beyond his ability to comprehend in the moment and hilarity ensues?


Blind Date – Cold Comfort

yinyangmoonOne year ago today was the last time I felt that there was such a thing as OK. That dreams could come true. That the Universe could get it right once in a lifetime. That Home exists. That the lips I kissed carried the ancient, missing piece of a conversation that I’d waited for 40 or a thousand years to have, that nobody else understands.

Since I’ve been in exile, without warning or reason, without you my soul is a refugee, without mooring, wandering as the wind howls in cruel jagged edges over the raw, bleeding cracks of loss and grief. And to understand that my displacement was simultaneous with your imprisonment by those jailors you can’t shake is of no comfort.

Rosa Sparks

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Sex Wonks Podcast Episode 29: How Dry I Am?

Screw drunk dialing the ex on New Year’s Eve: this week the Wonks are drunk podcasting! Bang, bang, it’s a whole new year coming at us – and in this episode Ed and Rosa count it down ’til the clock strikes midnight and 2012 is but a fleeting memory.

As our hosts open, Rosa shares a recent and rather unusual dream involving a chase by bad guys, a bit of Tolstoy, a little sumthin’, sumthin’ stowed away in her purse and affirmations from Mr. Wood. And in the land of Spamalot, it appears the Wonks have received an authentic comment in response to one of their blog posts. They give a big shout out (and a huge round of thanks) to Ashley R. for connecting.

Have you ever been through a dry spell? Rosa shares that she’s coming (and not in a good way) up on a year with her current scarcity of sausage. What does a sexually turned on person do to get through these hard times and keep the pump primed? Ms. Sparks offers a few tips on keeping the flames of sexual desire burning while waiting for the next lover to arrive.

Are you making any resolutions for 2013? Perhaps you might want to include some of the 12 sex and relationship-related resolutions in a recent blog post Ed discovered on HuffingtonPost written by Maryjane Fahey, co-author of the book Dumped: A Grown-Up Guide to Gettin’ Off Your Ass and Over Your Ex in Record Time. Ed and Rosa discuss the first half of Maryjane’s list of resolutions for 2013.

And finally, the Wonks wish everyone a happy (and sexy) New Year!